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The Wrestling Parent

Parents in wrestling are courageous -- it's true: They feel all the pain that their boy must go through. At home, when he diets they wish it could stop, Yet know he must do it to stay on top.

Excuses for losing they will never endure, Don't blame the ref, son, because of the score The coach, he will show you the best way to move, Keep working in practice if you want to improve.

At dual meets you'll see them whispering a prayer, As their boy must compete with no one else there. Whatever the outcome - Mom cheers with deep pride, While Dad - you will notice - stands right by his side.

They'll drive to tournaments; many miles away, To witness a son who's prepared for this day. Their boy, he trained, with all of his might, Having hopes of becoming a champion tonight.

But should he fall short, at his corner you'll find A Mother and a Father - supportive and kind. They teach that through wrestling he'll learn about life, Yes, living is filled with both triumph and strife.

Now if you are searching for people who care, Just look by a mat, they'll always be there. Such love for the sport is truly inherent, That's why we salute, The Wrestling Parent!


Is wrestling a safe sport?
Like any contact sport, there is always a risk of injury. The Wichita Wrestling Club staff is committed to teaching and coaching it's young athletes to wrestle competently. If at anytime we see any move that could be potentially dangerous, we will stop the boys from wrestling. Tournament referees are also extremely cautious and careful to all.

Will my child have to wrestle other kids that are older and heavier?
Each child will wrestle by age and weight divisions. For example age groups are organized as follows: Div Tots: Ages 5 & 6, Div 1: Ages 7 & 8, Div 2: Ages 9 & 10, etc.

What happens if my child gets injured, Is the club insured?
Wichita Wrestling Club is sanctioned by USA Wrestling and is fully insured to cover the cost of injury.

What does it cost for my child to be in your club?
Membership fees are $265.00 for Novice and $295.00 for Open.

What is included in my membership fee?
Fees cover the cost of USA Wrestling membership, tournament fees, Singlets are checked out, shoes and headgear are not included.

How long does the wrestling season last?
Open-5 months, Novice-3 months. Check calendar for start dates.

How old do you have to be to join the club?
Ages required are between 5 through 16 years old.

Where do you practice?
We practice Kapaun Mt. Carmel Wrestling room located @ 8506 E. Central

How many days a week do you practice?
We will have practice 3 days per week. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Practice schedule may change at anytime, check the calendar for updates. A practice schedule to be announced as the season begins.

How long does practice last?
Practice times are tentatively scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

What are the coaches' credentials?
All our coaches are USA wrestling certified.

How many tournaments are there and where are they?
Not including the state championship series, there are numerous open tournaments scheduled during the season, WWC attends approximately 10 of these.

What to Take to a Tournament

The meets, and especially the tournaments, can be long and tiring, so the first and most important thing for a spectator is to be comfortable. Wear casual clothes; take a cushion, comfortable shoes, things to snack on and perhaps something to occupy your time between rounds at tournaments; a newspaper, a good book, knitting, crossword puzzles, etc. High School wrestling duals are a little easier to handle because the time element is much shorter. Casual clothes and a cushion should get you through.

Tournaments run from several hours to a couple of days depending on the number of teams involved and the setup of the tournament. Being comfortable is primary to having a good time. Casual clothes, good shoes and a cushion are a must. This is probably the best time to get to know the other parents and their families. Many friendships can be built at these tournaments and a sense of team unity begins to grow.

Tournament prices vary from free to $5.00 per adult. Participating wrestlers always get in free. Tournament shirts are sold at most tournaments. Prices range from $8.00 to $15.00, depending on the type and style of shirt.

Wrestlers need to take casual clothes, shower gear, snacks, and money. Snacks can consist of a wide variety of foods, from sandwiches to dry cereal, raisins, fruit, yogurt, and pasta. Drinks can range from bottled water, fruit juices to sports drinks. Our coaches request that the wrestlers bring healthy foods instead of junk foods to eat. Some parents like to bring things for the other wrestlers parents to snack on.

Parents are encouraged to participate in these types of activities as it increases our crowds at tournaments and the coaches are always seeking the support of parents at their son's meets and tournaments.